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Been told rumours of Harry going to Malta in Kate’s absence wrong. It will be William, if anyone. But she hopes to go. TBC’d tom #royals

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Prince Harry is most likely to replace the Duchess of Cambridge to represent the Royal Family at the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Independence.

No official decision has been made public yet, but it is probable that Kate Middleton will have to renounce to their first solo trip abroad because she is suffering from morning sickness in the early stages of her second pregnancy.

Prince Harry will be taking over almost all the functions that were scheduled to take place on Saturday and Sunday.

An official decision is expected to be made in the coming hours, or at the latest tomorrow.

Prince Harry has already cancelled his weekend appointments, making it more probable that he will be the one who will replace his sister-in-law.

Prince Harry set to replace Duchess of Cambridge for Malta trip- Source

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one gifset per appearance → diamond jubilee celebrations: day 3 [3/4] - carriage procession, london (05/06/2012)

Six members of the immediate British Royal Family rode back to Buckingham Palace in open-air carriages. Over one million people lined the streets, and the procession began in Parliament Square at 2.20pm, turning right along Whitehall to Trafalgar Square before entering The Mall via Admiralty Arch, reaching Buckingham Palace at 2.40pm.


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