The Cambridges

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Anonymous sent: how many countries have you visited?

2 :/

Anonymous sent: Who do you think George looks like? I think he looks a lot like his dad.

I think he is the perfect mix of both will & kate :) however I do see a bit of kate’s father Michael in there too

"He’s got more hair than methank God!’” July 23, 2013

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Kate was in my class. She was ill for a few days, so I took notes for her. She was a lovely person, but she kept to herself.

Rachel Khoo on the Duchess of Cambridge attending a two-week cookery course last week (x)

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It was revealed last week that Kate attended a two-week cookery course alongside popular television chef Rachel Khoo at the prestigious Leiths Cookery School - and passed with flying colours.

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Happy Birthday George ♥
Happy Birthday George 

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One year ago today. Happy Birthday, Prince George!
One year ago today. Happy Birthday, Prince George!

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